Friday, 19 November 2010

Coconut Oil on the Skin

I've used coconut oil after showering for my skin and hair for over a decade. I use on my skin and hair right after I shower while my skin and hair is still wet.

I get mine from Mother-Natures-Goodies (1 litre for less then £15, right to my door)


  1. Ive been using coconut oil (Tiana's organic extra virgin) for a few days now on my face, head, neck amd beard. I am already seeing a difference in my skin texture and it also gives a refreshing shine to the hair and beard. Highly recommended
    Cheers Badshah!


    1. Virgin Coconut Oil, boosts metabolic rate also, one spoon first thing before breakfast on an empty stomach or before work outs. Try it and let me know. I've had great feedback on this method.