Wednesday 7 December 2011

Smell to Change Frame of Mind

In my current life redesign I'm attempting to increase energy levels and focus through a change in diet, rest patterns and a few other tweaks. I also will be touching on the subject of smells (aromatherepy). we've all experinced a time when a wif of somthing (a particular perfume or baking apples) to have our minds rush back to a memory/ a moment of our life linked to such a smell.

For me it is my experience with Oud (more here). I was first was exposed to this strange oil about 15 years ago. It was dabbed onto the back of my hand by J.B and as I rubbed it into my skin it smelled to me of damp leather. I found it of horrid, but as I attempted to rub it off my hands the musky smell opened and I had fallen for it head over heels.

Every time I smell it on some one I pause and smile. I've got some at home and use it on teh odd occasion. My wife is not keen of it. She states it smells like cow manure.

To conclude, find the smells which make you happy, and use those smells to make you happy again.

Monday 5 September 2011

Projectile vomiting on MMS

So I pushed the dosage to far to quick. I got to about 4 drop dosage per hour, and just after my tea I hurled from the depths of my being. I feel much better now it's out. Will be cutting dosage back to 2 drops per hour for this week.

Sunday 4 September 2011

MMS as an alternative medicine

Today I've started using MMS. I'll be updating the results of this alternative to pharmacy medication. I've had some bad long term experience with anti biotics. Mainly Candida and misdiagnosis.

Here's an intro into MMS

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Fluoride Free

While on my Permaculture Design Course (June 2011 - Norfolk), Richard covered the ill effects of fluoride. I’ve done my due diligence and now have switched to fluoride free toothpaste. For those in U.K Holland & Barret will have a few brands.

As for my drinking water I’ve switched to only drinking and cooking with rain water I’ve collected and put through a filter jug to remove any small particles of dust etc.

Here is an extract from Mansfield P. 2010. Fluoride consumption: the effect of water fluoridation.
Fluoride 43(4): 223-231.

‘Over-consumption of fluoride is an issue of concern worldwide, as fluoride has been linked to adverse health effects such as dental fluorosis, reduced thyroid function, weakened bones, skeletal fluorosis, and reduced intelligence.’ Mansfield (2010)

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Popping bones back into their place.

Five years ago while cycling to work I was hit by a van. after being x-rayed and given a prescription for pain killers I was released from hospital. When the swelling in my shoulder area had subsided I noticed my collar bone being out of place. I went to see a physiotherapist who recommended massage as a means of pain relief but stated surgery would be needed to correct the problem. I wasn't happy with the answer and decided to visit a chiropractor/ osteopath (can't remember which). 

At my first visit he examined my shoulder and collar bone. After some vigorous massage he just popped the displaced bone back into place. I was in awe at the instant non invasive cure. 

While rolling with larger guys, especially being stacked, I've had my ribs/ spinal vertebrae displaced at least on three occasions. 

The man I visited who worked his magic is Torben Herborg, located at the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics. 

Torben is a black belt Judoka, so he understands the vigour's of combat sport. Next time something feels out of place book a session with him.