Wednesday 7 December 2011

Smell to Change Frame of Mind

In my current life redesign I'm attempting to increase energy levels and focus through a change in diet, rest patterns and a few other tweaks. I also will be touching on the subject of smells (aromatherepy). we've all experinced a time when a wif of somthing (a particular perfume or baking apples) to have our minds rush back to a memory/ a moment of our life linked to such a smell.

For me it is my experience with Oud (more here). I was first was exposed to this strange oil about 15 years ago. It was dabbed onto the back of my hand by J.B and as I rubbed it into my skin it smelled to me of damp leather. I found it of horrid, but as I attempted to rub it off my hands the musky smell opened and I had fallen for it head over heels.

Every time I smell it on some one I pause and smile. I've got some at home and use it on teh odd occasion. My wife is not keen of it. She states it smells like cow manure.

To conclude, find the smells which make you happy, and use those smells to make you happy again.