Sunday 16 September 2012

Replacing a very bad habit with a bad habit

It's been over a decade since I walked into the tobacco shop opposite Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre and purchased my first sheesha (aka hookah). Along with Nakhlah banana flavour. I've been smoking the molasses soaked tobacco every night ever since. Well when I've been at home or had access to it.

Previous attempts to quit didn't work. I would relapse after a few days. Even after removing the sheesha and all related items I would again purchase the lot again.

This time I planned well. I was away in India for 2 months. Before I left I got rid of the sheesha and all related items. I now also understand it is the ritual of preparing the sheesha which I also enjoy.

Solution to replace the habit of preparing and smoking sheesha after my evening meal. With preparing a paan.

Now it's still a bad habit. But after the paan I shall switch to preparing and enjoying a fruit tea or green tea if not to late.

The key for me is to replace the ritual of preparation.

I'll keep you posted on how this works.

Note: I will no longer have sheesha in my home. I will not part money or services in exchange for it. But if at a friends home he offers, then I'll partake a little.