Wednesday 14 April 2010

Green Tea, the super beverage.

I’m an out and out caffeine junkie. From triple espresso to ridiculously big lattes I love me a good coffee. Along with iced coffees, cola’s and energy drinks. I even have gurana in powder form which I’d add to my pre work out shakes. And right next to my bed is a plastic bottle filled with caffeine capsules at a whopping 200mg a pop (Proplus only packs a measly 50mg per tab). I set my alarm clock an hour before I need to be up and down one of these. Not really a morning person me. Well after many years of heavy caffeine usage, my sleep pattern is wrecked and I’m not to keen on the increase in cloistral levels. I researched away and came to the conclusion of switching to green tea. It’s way lower in caffeine content, high in anti oxidants (helps decrease muscle soreness after heavy work outs) and a great teromogenic. I even found a green tea with a lower then normal caffeine content. I just mix a small spoon full in a shaker with warm water some times ice water after each meal.