Monday 17 March 2014

Tea is better for you then Tobacco

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Saturday 13 July 2013

BCG Vaccination for my baby girl

With the easier access of information (not always accurate) with the advent of the internet. It would always be wise to get multiple views about a given subject. I'm at a cross road with my new baby girl. The very first vaccination BCG, in the hopes of being able to fight tuberculous infection in her early years.

In 'The Truth About Vaccines - Making the right decision for your child' by Dr Richard Halvorsen
Get a copy quick, hard to get hold of.

So as I was saying, Being 100% Indian and living in Newham (London UK), and planning to visit India next year with her. The risks of my baby contracting Tuberculous drastically increase compared to a baby living outside of London, not of Indian origin and never planning to visit India.

My wife and are still back and forth about the this one. As my baby is more likely to contract Tuberculous in Newham (London) then India. strange but true.

We asked the health care professional to provide information of the BCG vaccine they plan to administer.

Click here for a copy of the leaflet. 

In the end, I just want to be able to make an informed decision. My advice is you do the same in health matters.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Oud oil, an aquired taste

The unique fragrance is popular amongst east and far east cultures. The resin laden wood chips when placed on hot coals unleash bliss in there smokey release. The same wood chips can be put through a distillation process to produce oil. This right here is some of India's finest.
I brought some on my trip to India back in September 2012.

Monday 17 December 2012

Low Carb, Atkins, Whatever, I'm heading for that 21st century.

A few years back I was extremely tired all the time. After a number of blood tests and an ultrasound on my kidneys the doctors had no real answer for me. Until a passing conversation with a friend , who happened to mention it to their homoeopath stated I had Candida. Now part of the treatment is well basically going on a diet pretty much identical to the Atkins/ low to no carb diet.

My wife even tried this diet while I was away for two weeks and I came back to a Limitless version of my wife.
So I feel it's that time again in my life. As I've been through this once before I'll prep well. So I'll need the following.

  • good quality multi vitamin (researching)
  • good quality pro-biotic (threelac)
  • whole phyllium husk (great addition of fibre)
  • low carb cook book
  • high quality pack lunch / tupper ware boxes (to carry my snacks and meals)
  • soda water (to substitute drink fizzy drinks)

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Tea and awesome cups

When leaving a harmful habit. Replace it with a beneficial one.

No more sheesha or paan (chewing tobacco) for me. That doesn't mean I never touch the stuff. I've left it as a regular on going part of my life. But have not forbidden myself from it. So not on my home. But if once in a blue moon its fine.

I came to understand somthing about my self. I enjoy the ritual of packing the sheesha, preparing the coal etc. Same with the paan. So I had to replace it with a different ritual.

Now I make tea. Green tea, white tea etc. The ritual is simple boil water, add to awesome cup. Leave for 10 sec, add diffuser with loose leaves. Wait 3min and remove diffuser.

I use the same set of leaves another two times.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Replacing a very bad habit with a bad habit

It's been over a decade since I walked into the tobacco shop opposite Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre and purchased my first sheesha (aka hookah). Along with Nakhlah banana flavour. I've been smoking the molasses soaked tobacco every night ever since. Well when I've been at home or had access to it.

Previous attempts to quit didn't work. I would relapse after a few days. Even after removing the sheesha and all related items I would again purchase the lot again.

This time I planned well. I was away in India for 2 months. Before I left I got rid of the sheesha and all related items. I now also understand it is the ritual of preparing the sheesha which I also enjoy.

Solution to replace the habit of preparing and smoking sheesha after my evening meal. With preparing a paan.

Now it's still a bad habit. But after the paan I shall switch to preparing and enjoying a fruit tea or green tea if not to late.

The key for me is to replace the ritual of preparation.

I'll keep you posted on how this works.

Note: I will no longer have sheesha in my home. I will not part money or services in exchange for it. But if at a friends home he offers, then I'll partake a little.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Munchies at work

Around 15:00 at work I get the munchies. Now I always bring a healthy home cooked packed lunch. And try and have this around 12:30 but I just need somthing around 15:00 ish. So today along with my usual fruit snack I packed a little container full of almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews and dried figs.

That container is now locked in my draw.