Wednesday 3 August 2011

Fluoride Free

While on my Permaculture Design Course (June 2011 - Norfolk), Richard covered the ill effects of fluoride. I’ve done my due diligence and now have switched to fluoride free toothpaste. For those in U.K Holland & Barret will have a few brands.

As for my drinking water I’ve switched to only drinking and cooking with rain water I’ve collected and put through a filter jug to remove any small particles of dust etc.

Here is an extract from Mansfield P. 2010. Fluoride consumption: the effect of water fluoridation.
Fluoride 43(4): 223-231.

‘Over-consumption of fluoride is an issue of concern worldwide, as fluoride has been linked to adverse health effects such as dental fluorosis, reduced thyroid function, weakened bones, skeletal fluorosis, and reduced intelligence.’ Mansfield (2010)