Monday 17 December 2012

Low Carb, Atkins, Whatever, I'm heading for that 21st century.

A few years back I was extremely tired all the time. After a number of blood tests and an ultrasound on my kidneys the doctors had no real answer for me. Until a passing conversation with a friend , who happened to mention it to their homoeopath stated I had Candida. Now part of the treatment is well basically going on a diet pretty much identical to the Atkins/ low to no carb diet.

My wife even tried this diet while I was away for two weeks and I came back to a Limitless version of my wife.
So I feel it's that time again in my life. As I've been through this once before I'll prep well. So I'll need the following.

  • good quality multi vitamin (researching)
  • good quality pro-biotic (threelac)
  • whole phyllium husk (great addition of fibre)
  • low carb cook book
  • high quality pack lunch / tupper ware boxes (to carry my snacks and meals)
  • soda water (to substitute drink fizzy drinks)