Monday 26 March 2012

Week 2 on MMS

Ok 1 week in at a 1 drop per hour dose (but only having 7 consecutive per day). So far so good. Not felt any nausea and the head fog of the first two or three days has decreased drastically. I take a good dose of Psyllium husk after breakfast to help keep me regulaer and in the hopes of clearing my bowls of any die off from any fungual, virul or parasites.

The Psyllium husk addition helped greatly as in the first few days of being on MMS I wasn't as regular in the bowl movement department as I normally am.

I'm in two minds to use a quality probiotic at night or to leave this until I start to come off the MMS. For now I'll just use the MMS and Psyllium husk. I'll be upping the doasge to about 1.5 to 2 drops per hour for this week.

Monday 19 March 2012

Back on MMS

I've been feeling rough the last few weeks, and it's peaked at a nasty cold I've had since Friday. So this morning I'm back on the MMS. I've mixed up a 800ml shaker with 8 drops of MMS. filled it to the top with filtered water. I drink 100ml every hour. The plan is to stay at this dose for a week and review how I'm feeling.

After my very first dose I experienced the same feeling I had the last time I took this solution. Something similar to a minimise explosion just under the surface of my skin (left forearm). Not painful at all, just a very unique feeling. I'm assuming the MMS is destroying some single cell life form close to the skin, which allows me to feel it.

Slow and steady this time round. Projectile vomiting was a horrible experience last time.

Some intresting testimonilas.